Students will experience the Epitech innovative project-based pedagogy at one or two Epitech campuses, according to the major they will have chosen.

The aim of the program will be to create a technical prototype based on a specific technology related to the ecosystem of the city. Technologies used will range from IoT to e-health, drones, video games or interactive design.

In addition to technical modules, the program will include company visits and outdoor activities which will allow students to discover places of interest and the technological cityscape.

Our summer schedule

The program will run during 3 weeks.

Dates Type of activity Location
Block 1 : July 2 to 6, 2018 Mini-Pool (immersion into the programming language C) and Innovation session Paris
Block 2: July 9 to 20, 2018 Bootstrap of your project in the Epitech Innovation Hub One of 12 Epitech campuses in France (according to the major chosen by the participant)

Majors offered during the Block 2 :

The first week of Epitech Summer School is devoted to learning about the different algorithms relating to artificial intelligence (A.I.), its possibilities and its limits. At the same time, students will work on their project of planning out a concrete application for an A.I. The first week centres on the bootstrap of their project, their A.I. choice and the beginning of its development. The second week focuses on completing a prototype. The choice of app technologies is open to all options (Unity, Web, robotics, etc.)
The Epitech summer school is the program that will help you learn all about virtual reality in 2 weeks. Students will have the opportunity to use virtual headsets such as Oculus Rift and create their own working VR program!
In this course will start by the introduction of different kinds of blockchains (public, private and consortium) and some use cases. In the second part, main public implementation such as Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, and private implementations, like Hyperledger fabric, will be detailed. The last part will be focused on smart contract management, Dapp and DAP systems.
A 2-week Epitech course designed to provide students with all they need to know about connected object prototyping, including software programming bases, interacting with raspberry pie and Arduino and using components such as motion sensors, cameras, Bluetooth, wifi and NFC communication. Students will also learn how to use a 3D printer and be given the opportunity to create a working prototype with the help of professionals from the IOT sector!
Through the expertise of Epitech, you can bootstrap your ideas by using the latest technologies and create a mobile app, a web service or a video game with the goal of submitting your project to the start-up incubator, which immediately gives your project a business dimension.
The subjects at the centre of the summer program will be data acquisition, Big Data, and its correlation with citizen behaviour (noise pollution, eco-responsible habits, etc.) We will start with internet data collection and processing technologies, geo-tracking and embedded material for probe deployment. Lastly, the focus will be put on data representation (web & mobile interfaces).
Our local start-ups and conference presenters speaking on the incubation process, sport and the technologies will help guide you in finding a technological subject that lets today’s athletes and sport enthusiasts excel or enjoy their passion to the fullest.
It’s by making use of this diverse ecosystem that Epitech can offer its Summer School students the opportunity to get their start in video game development. The different actors from the region will participate in conferences and workshops to offer a more comprehensive vision of the inner workings of video game design. Focus is placed on a range of skills that are necessary for creating a video game and that will assist you in creating your own.

Students will earn 6 ECTS after completing the program.